We hire out solutions

FEUTEC offers you the convenience of short or long-term rental of dehumidification systems and appliances as well as drying equipment. Ideal for temporary capacity shortages, bottlenecks, seasonal demands or maintenance work.


In response to growing customer demand for rental equipment, AERIAL GmbH has set up an independent company, FEUTEC GmbH. With many years of experience and know-how passed on from AERIAL GmbH, FEUTEC GmbH now offers an efficient and demand-related rental management service.

Virtually all the products in the AERIAL range are available for rental. Our staff will be happy to deal with your enquiries. What’s more, thanks to our broad practical knowledge, we are well placed to offer useful suggestions on the spot for your ideal working solution. Talk to us. We will be more than pleased to help.

You can naturally also purchase direct from AERIAL should you have longer-term requirements.